JUST FISH Taxidermy - Excellent Quality and Reasonable Prices

Kevin L. Raymond's JUST FISH Taxidermy

Mounted Small Mouth Bass Replica I offer excellent, life like, professional quality fish taxidermy services. Using the most up to date techniques on your skin mounted fish, to ensure a lasting work of art. Concentrating on accurate anatomy and coloration of your trophy.

The highest quality reproductions are available for the catch and release angler. You provide the memory and I will make it last forever. I support catch and release.

18 years experience in JUST FISH Taxidermy. Licensed by the state of Pennsylvania. Member of the North Branch Smallmouth Alliance(NBSA).

Serving - Fishermen, Guides, Charters, Collectors, Decorators Restaurants, and anyone else interested in fish taxidermy.

So you have caught the trophy of a lifetime!!
Proper field care ensures the best looking results possible. Don’t let the fish thrash around the boat, cooler or live well causing damage to itself. Get it on ice as soon as possible. To freeze, wrap the fish in a wet towel, not damp, being careful that the fins are laid against the body of the fish. Place in garbage bag, making sure all the air is out of the bag and tape shut. Then contact me.

Located in Northeast Pennsylvania but accepting orders from around the country.